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Our aim is to create a safe atmosphere in which church members and their friends of all age groups can meet, fellowship, and foster healthy relationships. Our events promises to be beneficial to one’s body, mind, and spirit. These will be marked by powerful church spirit and conference pride, mingled with superb competition and friendly rivalry.


  • To recognize and reward church members, of all ages, who have chosen to participate in healthy, wholesome activities that reflect positively on them, their families and respective communities.
  • To promote and reinforce the Olympic spirit of Competition that values sportsmanship, effort and achievement.
  • To motivate personal development in physical fitness and health through attainable goals.
  • To provide a forum that initiates and encourages camaraderie between different ages, socioeconomic and cultural groups through athletic competition and fair play.


We want to provide the latest news, updates, articles, and stories about all our athletes, in an exciting, interesting and eye catching format. We will review and follow the progress of top rated stars in our track events, to the SoFlo Olympic hopefuls and future champions working hard to represent churches in all Sports disciplines.

Sports enthusiasts, please feel to share your past experiences and memories with our community. Whether you are a past SoFlo Olympian, aspiring SoFlo Olympian, coach, observer, fan, open your heart and tell us what you saw and felt as you watched our Adventist athletes compete over the years in our games.

Offer your words of support and encouragement to ALL our athletes competing in the exciting array of events. As we approach these upcoming games expectantly, let us show our athletes that we appreciate their discipline and effort to represent our churches proudly!

Since 2011, Churches have participated in the SoFlo Adventist Olympic Games, sending athletes to represent in several disciplines, including Track & Field, Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer. The journey has proven to be a long, hard but exciting one as SoFlo has grown and has become respected as one of the top Adventist Athletics Games. SoFlo will incorporate local, regional and international Adventist sporting news and events. In addition to scores and standings, the website will also carry investigative pieces, regular features and motivational hard-hitting stories.


Participation in the SoFlo Games as a player, coach, or spectator is a privilege to be attained by meeting the accepted standards of good sportsmanship and appropriate conduct. Use of performance-enhancing drugs by athletes is strictly prohibited. The SoFlo Games Local Organizing Committee, upon recommendation of the Executive Staff, reserves the right to disqualify any player, coach, or spectator from further participation in the SoFlo Games for inappropriate conduct including, but not limited to, the following:

  •     Unsportsmanlike or disorderly behavior.
  •     Use of alcohol and/or drugs.
  •     Destruction of property.
  •     False representation of age or eligibility.

Athletes and coaches are responsible for knowing, understanding, and following the rules, policies, and code of conduct for their sport. Any player or coach who is ejected from a contest shall, as minimum penalty, be ineligible to participate or attend the next contest for that team. Violent acts shall result in charges being brought against the individual(s). A substantiated com­plaint by a Games athlete, coach, volunteer or official must be addressed to the Coordinator of that particu­lar sport. The decision of the Coordinator is final.

Refund Policy:

There will be NO refunds of entry fees:

  •     NO refunds will be permitted simply because an entrant fails to participate.
  •     NO refunds will be given due to cancellation because of inclement weather. We will make every effort to reschedule events due to inclement weather

Exceptions to the Refund Policy:

  •     Entries received after entry deadline
  •     Entries received after maximum number of teams is bracketed or if there are not enough teams or individuals to form a division
  •     SoFlo Games Administration reserves the right to cancel a division due to a lack of entries.


In the spirit of celebrating our athletes at the SoFlo Adventist Olympics, we at SoFlo Adventist Sports welcome you to use our images for profile pictures or share images and graphics with friends and family while crediting SoFlo Adventist Sports as the source. However, all graphic design content is copyrighted material and the sole property of SoFlo Adventist Sports; any unauthorized use, misappropriation, or use for commercial gain will be prosecuted to the fullest extent permissible by state, federal and copyright law.

All the photography presented on this page is not sole property of SoFlo Adventist Sports. We have however used some to create athlete profiles. If you feel we have used any image that violated your copyright, please contact us and it will be removed promptly.

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