SoFlo Press Release

SoFlo Adventist Enrichment Gospel Fest & Olympics Weekend July 11-12, 2020

SoFlo 2020 Destination Miami Gardens, FL is the signature event for the South Florida Adventist community. In its glorious 10th year. Youth and Adult attendees will find themselves enwrapped in the awesome preaching, A-list talent, prayer, rich praise and worship celebration that SoFlo has been acclaimed for. The event not only brings renowned talent to the South Florida area, but it gives local artists and praise team the opportunity to be seen, heard, and possibly discovered. SoFlo is the undeniable “SDA travel destination for the summer.” With guest speaker Pastor Vandeon Griffin and artist like Jovan Whyte, Carey Sayles, Ishika Purpose, Dale Brown and Truth, a host of churches participating in the highly anticipated SoFlo Adventist Olympic Games.

The SoFlo experience is complemented by scenic beaches, plentiful shopping, incredible restaurants, and many other inviting attractions which make South Florida a “must visit” destination. The SoFlo Adventist Sports Association and its partners are committed to producing an extraordinary experience for our supporters and sponsors for the glory of God!

Event: 10th Annual SoFlo Adventist Enrichment Gospel Fest & Olympics Weekend

Dates: July 11 – 12, 2020

Time:  Sat 9:00am - 8:30pm * Sun 8:00am – 6:00pm

Sat Location: Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, 21311 NW 34th Ave, Miami Gardens, Florida 33056

Sun Location: Betty T Ferguson Stadium, 3000 NW 199th St, Miami Gardens, Florida 33056

Treat yourself to a spirit-filled weekend in South Florida at the SoFlo Adventist Enrichment Gospel Fest & Olympics Weekend. 

The Stadium Hotel is in the heart of Miami Gardens, this hotel is a great choice for travelers interested in been close to the event venues, food, and restaurants.